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Heidi, I'm glad your house is fine, but yes, it's still a lot of stress!  Such widespread damage, and the weather channel stops reporting long before the clean up is done.  People who haven't experienced it forget that it's a long time before life returns to "normal".  I bet Covid on top of it didn't help either.   My DH was in NYC last night and he said the weather was really nice there too!  I think the hurricane sucks the moisture out of the air and it leaves dryer air behind, which can be nice!

Yankee, it's a good thing you got a chance to play this week!  I had company Wednesday night in to Thursday, so I picked up and now the craft supplies are coming out again!  I have one heck of a mess in my craft area!

Connie, bummer that you are expecting a rainy weekend.  I hope you can at least craft then!

DH is back tonight.  We went to a vegan restaurant and sat outside.  (I like it better than he does, but he let me pick!).   We took the dog and then walked the river walk afterward.  It was a nice night.

Canadian, eh:
Thanks for all of the challenges.  They were fun to do, and I got to use unopened products.   :laughhard:

Yes it was another fun week of challenges

I enjoyed the fest too! Like Beth, I was able to use some products.

April :smile:

Far North:
Beth,I never found my glasses...How does that happen after wearing prescription glasses daily for nearly 60 years...and never breaking or loosing any?


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