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Instructions for Posting Pictures in the Gallery

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Instructions for posting pictures in the Gallery!
1.   Make sure you are logged in under your user name on the message board.  The Gallery uses the same user base so if you log in on the gallery it takes you to the message board to log in there.

2.   Click on Gallery holding down your Ctrl key to open the Gallery in a new window if you want to have both open (I can’t find any settings for changing that yet).

3.   Once in the Gallery look up on the menu…..see the menu item marked Upload File?  Click it, please.

4.   The Upload dialog opens…there is a menu on top that says Album with Select Album in the box…there is an arrow on the right hand side….click it and pick the album you want to put your project into.  Let’s say you want to put something in the Challenge album…. There is only one Challenge album at this time so let’s choose June 27, 2014 Challenge shall we?

5.   Now that we know where your project is going let’s find it on your computer and get it uploaded.  Click the Browse button and your computer browser will open up, I have no idea what folder it will open to on your computer but you will need to browse to wherever you stored the file you want to upload.  Click on the file and click open…the Gallery will then take it and put it online.
6.   Do not go away from that window you are not done yet!  Right above your project is a button that says continue… it please
7.   Now you can type the name of your project in the box that says: Title.  And you can type the description of your project into the box that says description.

8.   There is a box that says keyword and if you care to you can put keywords in that box that describes your project to make it easier to find if someone searches for a certain color or technique.  No commas just separate the keywords with a space.

9.   When you are done with this page click the bottom button that says apply….Up at the top it will show up with a check mark and a sentence that says:  Changes successfully saved.

10.     That is it….now look up at the very top at your user menu and click home please.  Now you can go to the Album you put your project into and look at it.  You cannot can comment on your own project but and you can edit it.

I am sorry but there may be more to this than these instructions.  Heidi had to make a personal album before she could anything up there but when I moved her card into the challenge folder then there is nothing in her personal folder.  So other people need to try it.  Never mind, it works using these instructions......LOL

I don't see "Upload File".
Also, I cannot see how to add comments to photos.

These are the menu choices I have when I go to the gallery:

Home  Register  Login
Album list  Last uploads  Last comments  Most viewed  Top rated  My Favorites  Search

Oh wait! i had to log out first, then log back in....  and now I do see the "Upload File". I'll give it a try.

I tried but it did not work for me maybe  because I used the iPad - we are flying back home to tomorrow  :D but I will try again once we get back - I have a bunch of card to upload


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