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Posting Pictures in the Forum


To post pictures which are called attachments in a post:
1.   Make sure you are logged in!

2.   Start a new post

3.   Look under the window where your post goes (the white part)  there is a command that says additional options….click it.

4.   It should say attach: and there will be a browse button on the right hand side, that button will open up your computer browser.

5.   It tells you under that command what files can be attached: txt, doc, pdf, jpg, gif, mpg, png.  If you file is not one of those you will not be able to upload it.
6.   Your picture can not be larger than 640 x 480.  There is also a file size that it cannot exceed (128 LB).
7.   Now click the browse button…..find the picture on your computer that you wish to upload.  Click on that picture and then click open.  The picture will be downloaded (uploaded) to the message board.  Don’t forget to post the words in your post explaining the picture too.  LOL

8.   Post your post and the picture will show up as a thumbnail, when users click on the thumbnail they will get a full sized picture in another browser tab.

Good luck!  

And here is a posted picture to see what it looks like!

Thanks for the instructions!

Thanx, Sadie. Gonna give it try here first.

Did this back in '07 using 'plastic' ribbon & stamps.

Cool! It works. And it's like our thumbnails on 2Ps. Put your cursor on the image in the post & click. It will give you a full size view. Neat!


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