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Ok let me try and explain how the gallery which is opensource software named Coppermine works.  The Gallery is in simple bridge mode with this message board which is run on Simple Machines Forum software which is also opensource.  

Simple bridge mode means there are no membergroups in the gallery itself, the gallery takes the usernames and groups from this forum and uses those to see who has privileges to upload which is why if you just bookmark the gallery and go there without making sure you are signed into this message board you will not be able to upload unless your computer is set up to remember.  There is no way to be signed into the gallery without being signed into this message board, because the members and membergroups come from this message board.  If it was not set up this way you would have had to have made an account for the gallery instead of just signing in here for both.

Anyone can view the pictures in the gallery, anyone with access to the internet and knows the url can view it.  The way I have it set up all pictures go into the public folders, there is no option to have private folders.  But each person who uploads keeps control over what they upload as far as editing those pictures goes.  As admin I can also edit and move any files in the gallery, but I would rather not have to do that unless you run into a problem.

Now there is a trick or two to view each users uploads (projects)!  When viewing the message board Gallery just click on a users name and you will go to a new window that has the option to view all uploads from that can see all the projects from that user in one place.  

Any other questions about how the gallery or forum work, ask away and I will try to answer.

Thank you,

LOL, Sadie! Thanx for explaining the 'bridge' thing. I still like you! :laugh: Gonna try the click-on-username & see how that works. I already used the attach image feature & really like that!

Well, that's almost like having our own gallery if we save the url. 

My Gallery

Now, I wonder if it will be the same address when I upload another card.  I'll have to give it a try.


Thank you so much for the explanation. And yes, I agree, it pretty much is like having your own gallery if you just do what Daria did.  

My Gallery

Cool! Gonna see if I can do it, too...

My Gallery


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