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How do we make a hyperlink?

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Far North:
I would like to highlight a part of a sentence and make it so once it is clicked the page goes to the link.  I have tried the globe icon 2nd row 3rd from right but that only asks for the least that is what I think I am seeing.  TIA!...Jan

That is all you could see before yesterday.  I installed a mod last night that makes it so you can highlight a word or part of a sentence before you click the globe (insert url) and the word or words you highlighted will become your link and the actual url will not show.... 8)

Far North:
SWEET :smitten: Not only do we have a fabulous program for this site but also MS Wonderful Administrator Sadie who keeps things at their best for us!  Thanks Sadie!

I'm going to add my way of doing the link & 'dast' anyone to laugh at it. Well. Y'all can laugh if you want to--I'll even guffaw witcha.

Here's my way of linking a gallery piece to a post... (take note Lickey/UtahAnn) :smile:

Once I have my piece in our gallery, it has a url I can read.

When I want to link it to a post, I click on the hyperlink icon & type in the address. (No I don't do copy & paste! I'm old & a curmudgeon so don't try to teach me how to suck eggs!)

When I have the url done I click on 'ok'. That puts the link in my post, but does it twice. So I backspace from the end of the visible url 'til I reach the end of the first one. Then I just put in the name/word I want. When I did this on 2Ps, the OK click would give me a chance to do the 'name'. This program doesn't seem to, but it's a minor issue for me. Just a few more keystrokes.

Cool, Sadie.  I'm going to have to try that out. 

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Thank you.


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