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Far North:
How do I attach a photo to a discussion thread?

Sorry I know this has been posted but I can't find it and I used the search tool above and it didn't find it either  :-\
Thanks in advance...Jan

Found this on accident under "stamping challenges" at top:

I'm not sure if this is what you are wanting (since I haven't done the instructions), but it sounded like it was!  Lol!   :smile:

Far North:
Thanks Melissa, the directions worked perfectly-thanks to Sadie!  The only issue I had was when I opened the thread it only showed 2 posts with no instructions…then I realized I had changed my posts to open with the newest one first.  Now I only need to remember to pull down the sidebar.

Melissa here is a tip for you:
Adding links to posts-highlight the text you where you want the link and click on the above globe icon the 3rd from right…insert address in pop-up box.  This site is so wonderful!

This is a good thread to have. I have been wondering if we should have a site FAQ thread so all the info is in one place.  But first we need to decide what info that is...

Far North:
Heidi, I agree about FAQ--and that was what I was thinking for this thread only with a little less formal title.  I was thinking that perhaps this thread would focus on understanding how to use the tools available on this site. Daniel and I both wrote some about topics for threads on his Tip and Techniques thread. 


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