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Keywords for Gallery uploads Inktoberfest 2014
« on: September 19, 2014, 10:47:18 AM »
Welcome to Inktoberfest!

We are going to use one forum and one gallery album for our funfest this time and see how it goes.
So when you upload projects you will put them directly into the Inktoberfest 2014 album in the gallery.  The first keyword you enter will be the keyword that matches the Challenge you are doing.  Then a search can be done using keywords and you can see the entries in the Challenge.  To do a search in the gallery using keywords you click on the search button in your personal menu (the menu at the top of the window in the gallery), when that window opens you put the keyword in that matches the challenge you are looking for and any projects with that keyword will come up.  It’s like a gallery for each challenge without making 8 more albums.  For this to work correctly you must enter the keyword from the challenge into the keyword area when uploading your project.
After one project has been uploaded using the keyword then there should be a clickable keyword in the keyword list.  In the keyword while uploading just click under the keyword title on the left hand side and a list will come up.  If you know there is a project already in the challenge that you are uploading to but cannot see the clickable keyword, click on regenerate keyword list under the keyword list that pops up.  This will make a new clickable keyword list that then should show the keyword you are looking for, and if not just enter the keyword, put a semicolon after, and enter the rest of the keywords, each with a semicolon after them.  The semicolon is the keyword separator we are using in the gallery.  If you have combined challenges be sure and enter both keywords separated with a semicolon before entering the other keywords that are associated with your project.
Keywords for each challenge:
Howdyheidi’s Challenge-- LUINF14
Stampwilly’s Challenge--  PTINF14
CarefreeSadie’s Challenge--  MM1INF14
Looser’s Challenge  HDINF14
Neyw’s Challenge--  PPINF14
Craft Nerd’s Challenge--  SPINF14
djc’s Challenge--  TSKINF14
lovepug2’s Challenge  BEINF14
Iring's Challenge.  ATCINF14

Thank you and good luck, if you have problems let me know and I will try to help.
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