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Gallery Again.....people's names on individual pictures


When you are in the gallery and click on an individual project (picture) you go to that picture, if when you get there the file properties are hidden you will not see who posted that project.  So to rectify that look at the top of the project.  (not the top of the window).  There is an itty bitty menu there.  The first icon looks like two pieces of paper (that takes you back to the last album you were looking at before clicking on this picture.  The second icon (the magic one) looks like one piece of paper.  Click this and it will show or hide what is called file information.  If it is showing you can see under the picture the file name, album name (user name), file size, date added, keywords, url of the picture, and a couple other useless bits of information.  The important part for this post is the album owner's name.  Just like magic you can see who uploaded the picture.  You can turn this on and off by clicking that icon that looks like two pieces of paper.



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