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If you look in the post about how to see usernames in the gallery there is instructions on how to display the file information when viewing individual pictures.  This post is about keywords.  The keywords are also displayed in the file information.  If you noticed most of the challenges ask for you to use keywords.  The keywords when uploading are clickable, which means if someone has already used that keyword to upload with you can choose it from a list and click it and it will appear on the keyword line of your upload.  If not please write it in the keyword section of the uploads.

The keywords come into play when looking at individual pictures in the gallery.  If the file information is displayed there is a clickable keywords area.  If you click on one of the keywords (if there is more then one)  it will take you to an album with just those pictures displayed that used that keyword when uploading......the keyword separators is a semi-colon.  If using two keywords please separate them with a semi-colon and then they are both searchable.  If you put more then one keyword and don't use a semi-colon between them they become one word for the search instead of two.

A lot of people are not putting the keywords into their uploads which means their projects do not show up in the keyword search for that challenge.  Please use the keywords that your hosts have provided for their challenge.  That way the hosts can do a keyword search and see in one album all those that uploaded using the keywords they provided and the hosts do not have to look through the entire Winterfest16 album to find those who did their challenges.

Thank you,

Thanks Sadie.  I had missed the keyword in a couple of my posts. I think I fixed them.

The keywords are not case- sensitive, are they?

I do believe that they are case sensitive.  It becomes two separate keywords.  WF16-Impress Me is different from WF16-impress me.  When uploading you can click on the insert from list under the keywords on the left hand side of the little window you are uploading into and a list will appear.  You can click keywords from that list and they will appear into your keywords in your uploads.  So once one person has uploaded and used that keyword you can just choose it from the list and use it also.

Also after you click the insert from list option under keywords on the left hand side while uploading a project you can click on regenerate dictionary(which is the clickable menu item at the bottom of the keywords list that is the popup window) and the list will update with the latest keywords.

Thank you!  I think I may need to check some of my gallery posts.  I'm not sure I have been using semi-colons.


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