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Compact photo printer ... does anyone own a Selphy or other small printer?

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I've been considering a Canon Selphy printer.  I want an easy way to print small photos for a mini book, or even scrapbook.
I've hemmed and hawed about it, finally asked for one for Christmas, but I will need to pick it out ..
and now I'm not sure again.

Reviews are mixed.
Some say they are not true 4x6 photos because they are perforated?
Mixed reviews on the quality ...

Should I just stick with my big, household Canon printer, or take the time to place an order for prints?

Is there another small photo printer I should consider?


Was that one of the printers they showed on HSN?  They had a cute one, can't remember what size they printed though. I have no knowledge on them at all or have heard of anyone having one of them, so I have no info for you at all, but it does sound like an easier way to print then off a computer. Such a hard decision, good luck with that.

I missed the last HSN, so I'm not sure.  I know they have showed some really small printers.  I can look.

I bought some Elizabeth Craft Planner Essentials dies.  Els and some of the other demonstrators/design team members include pictures in their planners (used more like an art journal) and mini travelers notebooks.  When asked, they said they use the Selphy printer. 

DH keeps reminding me that more people write reviews when they aren't happy than when they are ... so reviews could be skewed?  One of the computer/electronics magazines reviewed it the best small printer a year or so ago. 

yes that is true that more people write the reviews when they are upset than when they are happy with something, I have been seeing some of their planners. You know what I would like to do is a junk journal, I have been looking at them on Pinterest, now I just need to dive in and make one, but I keep so busy with the cards I make for family and friends I don't have much time for just fun creating.

I think a junk journal would be fun too!  We should set a goal for 2021!  More stamping and crafting just for the fun of it! 

I went ahead and ordered the Selphy tonight ... from DH, to me, but once I found it I went ahead and ordered.  Lots of places were out of stock, including Canon!   I also ordered ink and paper that includes enough for 108 prints.  It only comes with ink and paper for 5 prints!  That's pretty cheap of Canon.  (Secretly hoping to play with it before Christmas).


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