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Tim Holtz-Question and Answer presentations-Saturday AM

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Far North:
Tim demonstrated his favorite basics for each of his 2 products and techniques.  1st with glazes and  and then he began sharing ideas for using crayons at 1:06. Total time for the replay was approx. 3hours.  Lots of great information especially if you are new to these products!  Tim plans on offering a replay of his's on You tube weekly. And will probably will showcase 2 products weekly.

He did share a caution that most coloring products will become not usable in time, no matter how much you use them or never open the lid.  Buy what fits your likes

PS.  (i certainly learned this lesson after moving to Ohio.)...Jan

Thanks Jan. I havenít had much time to watch videos lately.

I was wondering what coloring products you found you couldnít use after you moved?

Far North:
Even though I taped the spray bottles to make sure they would not leak nor allow evaporation of the inks. They did evaporate into globs.  I lost about 3 dozen bottles.

All of my distress ink pads were bone dry lucky I had re-inkers....and was able to freshen them by using far more re-inker than my usual.

I had a set of 30 acrylic paints  that evaporated leaving only a few paint crumbles behind. As well my tubes of Inka Gold and stickles could not be recovered.

The moving company crated everything.  Perhaps  my products got too hot in the summer to be transported.  But most of these products I had used frequently over 20 years.

I watched about half of it last night, I don't think I would use the glazes enough so I probably won't invest in them, hubby found some watercolor crayons he bought many years ago and forgot about so I may try those before I buy his and see what I think, but I don't know that I would use those enough either to invest in them.

So sorry to hear about all you lost in the move, I imagine cold or hot any extreme temps can mess those up.  I have bought some Nuvo markers that work really well and then I have bought some that are dried up or have dried up soon after opening so just a heads up if you are thinking of purchasing any of those.

Far North:
I only have 1 container of TH glaze that I purchased to experiment with. At this point I am really not thinking of doing much with the glaze products.  I did enjoy watching Tim's techniques for coloring the die cuts.  I think that would add a mixed media look to a few cards...Jan


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