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Stencils with very very small patterns

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Hi Everyone.  When we did our zoom with stencils that time, I realized that I really donít have any stencils that have very small patterns.  Do you have a stencil you recommend?

I have several stencils with small patterns.  Not sure where I got them, but they were for doing other then cards.
There are stencils ,in almost all departments , of the craft stores.  I think I counted five places we found stencils in JoanAnns store, and all different prices.  And different size patterns are for different projects.  If you are putting a pattern on a glass, or a wall you need different size holes of the pattern.
So look at different hobbie departments

I realized I don't have a lot of small ones either, faded dot is the only one that comes to mind from Tim Holtz right now, I can't get in my craft room to look right now to look if I have any more to tell you.

here are some sites to look at online. I have a few from A Colorful Life ACrafters Workshop at has some too probably has other stencil brands too.

I hope this helps. I have not seen any at Hobby Lobby in a long time, except for using on walls. I have not been to Michaels or Joannes in ages, so I don't know what they have.

April :smile:

Joanns sells a lot of stencils from hero arts but they are bigger images, not sure about Michaels. has a few smaller ones on sale right now with hearts and stars


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