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I just participated in the Card Maker Success Summit and quite a few presenters and attendees use Catherine Pooler inks.  I asked a few years ago but only Connie responded.  She hadn't heard of them.  Has anyone tried these?

They seem to really like them.  Lots of great reviews ...
BUT I saw just one review that is making me cautious ... someone said they faded, and I know on the website they are listed as "non-permanent" ... which could be just because they are dye based and water reactive?

I would hate to have Christmas cards I might make n March (I wish) fade by Christmas time ...

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of Catherine Pooler inks?

Sorry I donít have any experience with them. They look gorgeous but hard to know how they work out.

Thanks Heidi.

I'll let you know if I decide to try a few. 

My old stamp store had them just before she closed down and I decided not to try them, and haven't heard anything in my other group either, sorry!

I don't know anything about them either.



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