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Nuvo Dream Drops


Do any of you have experience with Nuvo Dream Drops?

I had some in the color "Fairy Wings" that I really liked so I though I would order another color.  I tried "Frosted Lake" that looked like they might have an aqua tint.  Wouldn't you think with a name like "Frosted Lake" they might be bluish?  Nope!  They look different in the botte, but take a look at them on this card.  In fact I don't think they look much different than "Fairy Wings", pinkish.
Definitely not "lake", ha!

Hmm, I just squeezed some of each on white paper, the back side of my printed paper,  and they do look slightly different, "Lake" being very slightly bluish.  I'll take a picture when they dry.

The colors might look just a tiny bit more distinct in daylight today? 
I think I washed the samples out photographing under my Ott light.  On the pp you can see where I first tested them teeny tiny on the flowers to the right.  Really don't look much different there, but maybe there is not enough drop to see more than just a little iridescence.
They really are pretty in person so I am glad I have them.  I just thought "Lake" would be more blue on my brown pp card. 

No I don't think I have heard of the dream drops. Wow they do look pretty close don't they, do they show the difference like on a store website, maybe some bottle got mixed up?
You also mentioned in a past post I think it was you about your trimmer, if it was, I like the Tim Holtz galantine trimmer for cardmaking, it is nice and small and I can cut my papers for card bases easily with it, and I like how I never get shredded edges when the blade gets dull, it hasn't yet over the years.  You know I still have my Friskars cutter from many years ago, I bought tons of blades when they quit selling them at our BX they had them for like a little over a $ I think.  Never have had a stampin up one

The drops look pretty. There is not much difference in color like you said.


After all of that, I came close to buying another color of Dream Drops on sale last night!  I resisted.  Connie, I thought maybe something happened with the packaging, but the colors do look different in the bottle.  They have such a pretty iridescent shimmer. 

I didn't buy Dream Drops but I did buy trimmer blades!  I was watching a MayMay Made It video where she reviews a few trimmers.  I thought about buying the Dress My Craft Trimmer (it was her site having a sale, I think it's still going on today, try code LABORDAY20).  Suddenly I recognized how similar it looks to the Stampin Up trimmer I own.  Really similar!  Even on the back side.  I bought a set of replacement blades for the Dress My Craft to see if they fit my SU.  I have a TH guillotine trimmer, a smallish one.  I like it, but don't use it as my "go to" everyday trimmer.  I think sometimes I don't hold the paper tight enough and it slips.  I also miss not having measurements on the right hand side of the blade.

Cindi good luck with the blades hope they work for you.  I do understand the slipping with Tim's cutter, I have learned to hold it tight that's for sure :)


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