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Why make tags, rather than cards?

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Utah Ann:
I have taken part in a number of tag challenges, exchanged tags and see so many in galleries. 

As I mostly make cards for OWH and other places similar to them.  I find that I now have a lovely collection of tags and ATC's.  I have started adding them to card bases or technique background in order to share them.

What are the uses for just the tags?  Most of the ones, I have received I like way to much to use them on a package or gift. 

I will continue to take the challenges and do the swaps - I just want to know how the tags and ATC are being used.  I really would prefer to share them, than put them in a binder to gather dust.

Any response would be helpful and so appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

My grandchildren love the tags.  They put them on their book bags, doll buggies, hang them in their rooms, and just enjoy them.  I try to make each one special for the child who is receiving it, colors and sentiments.  I also make tags for Valentine's day, Halloween, and Christmas to go on candy bars that I wrap with holiday paper for each family member.  They go over really well.  Each grandchild has a keepsake box under their bed and that is usually where the tags end up with the year written on the back.

I made one tag that I tied on the doll buggy for a birthday and it is still riding along with the buggy.  One of the other grand daughters saw it and wanted to stay after lunch one Sunday and make her own to put on her book bag, we had a fun time making it just right.  My children used to all have holiday ones that rode in their cars attached to their mirrors when they were younger.  I guess I haven't made any before the holidays for quite a few years.  I don't know if they would appreciate them or not now. 

Anyway that is what I do with tags.  I actually like tags a lot.       

The tags I receive in swaps go right on my cork board that is on my craft cabinet. I display them for myself, it reminds me of different styles, techniques, etc that might not be "my style" but can help me out by inspiring me when I am stuck on a card I am making. 

Most of the tags I receive are too large to put on a card, but there definitely are card sketches to put a tag on a card if you just do a search on google or pinterest. 

You also mentioned ATCs.  Honestly, I think ATCs are really a most perfect addition to a simple card base, or one that is embossed or maybe has a background technique.  Really it is a perfect size to be the focal point for an A2 card base!!  It is kindof fun to create the small ATCs and then make them into a card later.  Just something different to do. 

Know what I like about you, Ann? You ask great questions! :D #>

For me tags along with ATCs, inchies, twinchies, scraplings & more are all a form of card-making. And (for me) usability is not a concern. The making is sufficent onto itself (how 'artsy' is that answer?  ;D)

That said, I like your request for usage ideas for tags! Takes me back to the days when I did project designs that required a 'purpose'--regardless of how ephemeral that purpose might be.  But back to your 'Q' about "how to use tags"...

Try these on for size...

Put several tags together & turn them into something--a fan, an ornament, a fashion accessory, etc.

I also agree with Daniel that the twinchies and inchies, any size of paper craft can be a part of card making.  Sometimes it is just fun to use a smaller or larger palette. 


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