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Using the 'rotate' & 'crop' on a gallery uploaded pic.


I've seen a few posts from Inksters who are unable to 'rotate' their photos when uploaded. And I also note that many of us don't 'crop' uploaded (non-project) BGs from our photos.

PLEASE NOTE! There is nothing wrong with how any member shares their work, but I thot I'd share my first results of trying out the 'rotate & crop' feature that is available to us. I have no idea how this works if you are uploading by other than computer--i.e. Ipads, etc.

I uploaded a pic of a piece that a friend (Nancy) had made using a beverage can embellishment I sent her. Gothic Arch

Then I reloaded it & used the crop feature to 'edit' the pic so the embellishment was the focus. The 'Crop'

So much for that... Having almost no idea of whether it's possible to crop a pic with a 'phone camera'  before uploading, I leave it to those who do phone uploads to try this out & share their info.

For good measure... I often find that uncropped pix of work are very interesting when seen against the BG the photographer has used.  But... I also sometimes find that I've been unsure of where the project ends. KWIM? ;)

Anyhoo... I hope you find this topic useful.


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