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Tim Holtz Tags November 2015

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Well Stampwilly inspired me to do the November Tim Holtz tag and link it to his blog.  I had fun doing it and I didn't do it exactly because of course I didn't have all the product that Tim uses.  But I tried. 

Here is the November 2015 Tag done my way.

Sadie, your tag turned out great! I don't always have all the supplies either, but he just wants us to be creative with what we have. I love trying his techniques and I have learned a lot from the tags each month. Glad you played along! :smile:


Your tag looks great!  I really like the golden edges!

Way to go on winning the prize this month, Sadie!  So Stampwilly one last month and you won this month, I am proud to be part of this talented group!

How great is that?  Who is going to try next month?  The Christmas tag is a doozy!


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