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Far North:
Happy Holidays!  I don’t know about you but I am very short on time to send my usual number of handmade cards.  So I decided to offer this one last Happy Mail swap this year so to send at least 1 Artsy Inker. 

The challenge for this holiday card is to use the technique presented in the videos below.  You will create a dendritic, a branching tree-like pattern, for an artsy card background.

For this technique you will need any kind of acrylic paint, paper, two similar sized surfaces- packaging acetate, or glass, or Plexiglas etc. paint brush, spray bottle of water and rag.  Adapt as needed.

 I suggest adding a simple optional special holiday treat to the inside of your card. For example 2 or 3 extra handmade card backgrounds will hopefully stay within your usual postage cost. 

The first video is a brief presentation of the dendritic monoprinting technique. Others show more variations and are longer.  You may want to open the gear icon at the bottom of the video screen and speed up to a faster speed.  1.5 is about the fastest I can understand the speaker. 

By AtomicShrimp

Dendritic Monoprinting - Circles by Cat Hand 

Dendritic Monoprinting  by Shannon Green

ART LOG-Dendritic Printing pages 8 & 9 by Wendy Mason

To play in this swap please leave a comment on this thread and I will sign you in on the list below.  I will send my card to the last person signing the list so everyone will receive a card.

Timeline details:
1.  Sign-up with a note on this thread before Monday, November 28 at midnight your time. 
2.  Make your card.
3. Take a photo of your card and surprise before mailing.
3.  All cards must be in the mail no later than Tuesday, December 13 midnight your time.  Please post a note here when your card is in the mail.
4.  When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread.
5.  After your card recipient has posted a note here saying your card was received please post your photo in the gallery with description.  When making your gallery post please remember to find the “Swap Album” and click on the “Happy Mail Swap”.

Please post on this thread a note of your progress as well as any questions/comments.
Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1. April sends to Jan
2. Heidi sends to April
3. Yankee sends to Heidi
4. Cindi sends to Yankee
5. Kathy sends to Cindi
6. Jan sends to Kathy

Jan sends to last player-

Love this easy looking and fun technique! Please sign me up!

April :smile:

Far North:
So glad you want to play April.  I believe there will be a learning curve but at least the process is only a few steps.

This looks like such a cool technique!  I don't think I've seen it before.  With the wedding on Dec 10th, I think I'm going to have to pass this month.  If by some miracle, I get done with wedding prep ahead of schedule  :laughhard: I will sign up. 

Really, it's so hard to pass up!  I know I will just put myself over the edge though!


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