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The gallery and forum are back up on


The gallery and forum are back up on so I will be sending out emails soon as the email function works........

Yay, I used my old bookmark to get to the site today and it is just like normal now :) thanks!

Far North:
I have been viewing old posts all weekend mostly from 2017.  I hope it will now post currant info.  Jan

I still can't log into the gallery.  However, the Private Messages now work.


ETA:  Cindi pointed me to the other thread that says to re-register in the gallery so I did that.  It said that I'd get an email telling me how to proceed.  I never got an email.  I still cannot log in.


ETA:  I just went and tried to log in again, and it worked.  I never got an email, and I registered several hours ago.  Just now, I was able to log in.  Yay!  I guess I just needed to be more patient.


I started to leave comments on some cards and noticed that, except for the first two (Cindi's), there's no way of telling who posted the card.  I went back to some really old cards, and they no longer show who made them.  Right now, the only way to see who posted a card is if the poster signed her comments.



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