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christmas stamp swap--2017. Please check 1st post for possible updates

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Update: most of how this swap will work is in a posting down about 3 posts. If possible I will try to place any significant changes in this initial post.

Heidi & Cindi both spoke about the possibility of our doing a swap of Christmas stamps--image & sentiment.
I hope they don't mind my starting a thread  :smitten:
As was said, probably best to decide whether to try swapping before Christmas or postpone til after .
My vote is for before.  We have the rest of Nov & some of Dec to do it. Yeah I know many are busy, But I believe we can keep things simple & getter done with a minimum of fuss.
Majority rules on whether we do before or after.
Do y'all think a week to hear from members is enuf?
I figure we can pm folks to let them know about this

Before is okay with me, but if we need to delay, that is okay too.

I have at least one set of stamps (wood block) and a few others that I could bundles for a swap. I would be okay with posting photos of what I have, if that would make it easier. 

Daniel, did you PM a bunch of people? 

Before is ok with me too.  Thanks for starting this thread, this is where it belongs, under Swaps!

Cindi brought up in PM whether this is going to be stamps on loan, or stamps to pass on completely.  I could do either. I definitely do have stamps I think I have used enough.

Before is fine with me too. I vote to send stamps to keep so we don't have to mail them a second time. It would be nice if we could get them in the mail by Dec. 3rd or something like that so we can use a few before Christmas! Hey that might be a Dec. challenge to make a card using some of your gifted stamps!

April :smile:


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