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Kitsch Flamingo Distress Color

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I just saw Ranger announced the new distress color. I am surprised it is another pink. I thought they had plenty of pink.  What do you think?

I would like to see what it looks like on paper, I think I only have one or two pinks at the most. So I will have to wait until he does a video on it, I was going to check out you tube later because I think he was going to have a video up about it

I think the youtube video is good, showing how this pink fits with the others.  I think I might have to have it being from FL and it's a pink Flamingo!  I won't buy the whole line.  I can never decide which ink, distress or oxide or do I need both?  Oxide stamps better ...

ETA : ooh, I just clicked on Heidi's link.  That is a cool way to showcase the color!  Love that picture.

Yes, the video did open my eyes that worn lipstick is almost a red, instead of a pink.  Who knew?  I still havenít gotten Speckled Egg.  When I have shopped at stores that carry it, it is always out of stock at the time I place my order. 

I got the rustic wilderness and the new pink last night through, first time ordering so we will see how quick they get here :)  I also picked up a few of Tim's dies I really liked :)


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