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Ellen Hutson Overstock sale 25% off through 4/17/22



If anyone uses Daniel Smith watercolor tube paints, they are included.  Already on sale but I think you might get 25% off on top of that?
Pages and pages of stamps, dies, mediums, discontinued inks including Ranger, etc

Thanks Cindi, I started looking and then got a little overwhelmed.  Dies R us is having a sale on stamps too, I think it may end tonight, had some really interesting mixed media type ones but I didn't end up buying any right now.

Connie, I did the same thing!

Yes, there were pages and pages of sale items.  The last several, if not more, pages were full of items that had already sold out.  That prompted me to just go ahead and check out before I even looked through the whole sale.  I was afraid if I waited the items in my cart would sell out too. 

I think the neatest thing I ordered was a long oval-ish die from Reverse Confetti.  April sent me a card with my RAK that had one in the background and I thought it was pretty cool.  It's kind of a double stitched rectangle with very rounded corners.  I also ordered some Hero Paste.  I just saw a youtube video on that, I think from 2022 Creativation so I was surprised to see it in the sale. 

I felt that overwhelm too!


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