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Amazon Prime Day


Has anyone found any good crafty sales?

Have you made any Prime Day purchases?  I think Prime Day is today and tomorrow?  July 12th and 13th, 2022?

I looked to see if Jennifer McGuire or The Frugal Crafter had any prime day links but I didn't see any.
Just from the little bit of browsing I did, it seemed like mostly off-brands. 

Hubby ordered a few things, I got an email about ephemera, probably because I was looking at it earlier, and it was $2 off with the Prime day, but I haven't gone looking for anything, I just got an order from Spellbinders, I have on coming from Gina K and Paperwishes so I thought maybe I shouldn't look, LOL!

I had to buy something from Amazon that I was out of so I looked around and bought 2 bird stamps - off brand, but they are beautiful. I hope I like them when I get them. Seeing that I am about to go to a stamp show, I really don't "need" anything else! LOL!

April :smile:

I didnít even look. I had forgotten about it!  I did get my Gina K order yesterday and I still have plenty of new things that I havenít used yet so I think Iím good! 


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