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Changed Some Things on the Message Board

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I made some changes on the Message Board trying to organize things a little better so they would be easier to find.  

Forum Tips and Tricks = Anything you have found useful in using this Message Board that you would like to share.

Stamping Tips and Tricks = anything stamping related either associated with a challenge or just something you have found stamping that might be useful for others.

Stamping techniques = just sharing different techniques with others.

I moved a few threads into different areas and a couple of them I did not leave a moved notice so if you can't find a thread its still here just in a different place.


Any of this can be changed or moved or added to, so basically we are trying it out!  Add your comments, questions, or additions for the message board here please. 

Like the organization.  Thanks for all the hard work. Sincerely, Neysa O0

Everything looks great, Sadie! Thanks for all of your hard work O0

Looks great...Sorry i haven't been by for a bit...just a crazy busy time of year for us. Trying to keep 2 gardens alive and flourishing when they are 4 hours apart plus still helping out of Mum's and she is 4 hours away in another direction!
Once life sttles down again in the fall, then I will be Arnold says.


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