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Far North:
3/16/16 ETA-clarification of photos

Happy Mail!
I enjoy sending others Happy Mail and love receiving handmade cards from others…hope you do too!

In this swap you will make 1 springtime card.  In the process of making the card you will include some water with the products you are using.  To play in this swap you will sign onto the list below and will send your card to the person on the list above your name.  I will send my card to the last person signing on the list so everyone will receive a card.

1.  Sign-on to this swap closes Wed. March 16-midnight your time.  Closed
2.  Make your card and take a photo.
3.    All cards must be in the mail no later than Wed. March 30.
4.    When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread.
5.    After your card recipient has posted a note here saying your card was received please post your photo in the gallery with description of how you made it.

Please post on this thread to note your status with the 3 numbered items above as well as any questions/comments.
Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1.  Jan sends to April
2.  Heidi sends to Jan
3.  Yankee sends to Heidi
4.  Connie sends to Yankee
5.  Kathy sends to Connie
6.  April sends to Kathy

I will sign up.  It has been a long time since we did a swap!  Thank you for organizing! #>

So, the card can be one written out to the recipient, not so that the recipient can use it again, right?

Far North:
Yes, Heidi this is a happy card for the AI recipient.  Personalize it any way you like.

Thanks for your question....and signing on too!

Me too!

I can give it a go, this will be my first swap I have done, so if there is anything else I need to know, LOL, do share


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