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Far North:
Yankee and Connie so glad you signed on to this swap!

Connie I think this swap is a great swap for a first-timer since it only asks for 1 card and you mail to 1 person.   The only thing I can think of that might not be clear is that you need to contact the person that posted before you (Yankee) to ask for her address.  The important thing is to have fun!

I'm in! Having to mail to someone makes sure I will participate, LOL

I have been lazy on card making lately.

I'm in too! Sounds fun!

April :smile:

Thanks, Yankee was sweet enough to send her address already  O0

Far North:
Welcome Kathy and April...I added you to the list!

Connie, it sounds like your are ready to begin your first swap!  Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration!


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