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Happy Mail Swap#2 Light and Airy

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Far North:
It is time for another Happy Mail Swap!
I loved receiving my Happy Mail card ast month (thanks again April!) but it is nearly time for me to showcase a new one by my desk. How about you…are you ready to make 1 handmade card for one of your AI pals?

Challenge: In this swap you will use products to make a light and airy card that feels as fresh springtime air.  Some products I first think of using include acetate or vellum. But other products that conveys light and airy are also welcome as long as you describe what and why you chose it in your gallery description.

To play in this swap please sign onto the list below and you will send your card to the person on the list above your name.  I will send my card to the last person signing the list so everyone will receive a card.

Timeline details:
1.  Sign on to this swap before it closes on Wed. May 4 at midnight your time.  closed
2.  Make your card.
3. Take a photo of your card before mailing.
3.  All cards must be in the mail no later than Friday, May 13 midnight.
4.  When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread.
5.  After your card recipient has posted a note here saying your card was received please post your photo in the gallery with description of how you made it.  When making your gallery post please remember to find the “Swap Album” and click on the “Happy Mail Swap”.

Please post on this thread to note your progress as well as any questions/comments.
Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1.  Jan sends to last player
2.  Cindi sends to Jan
3.  Heidi sends to Cindi
4.  LeighAnn sends to Heidi
5.  Ann sends to LeighAnn
6.  Shelia sends to Ann
7.  April sends to Shelia
8.  Kathy sends to April
9.  Jan sends to Kathy

Yes!  I want to play!
I missed out on the last swap.  I'm glad I saw this one in time.  Who doesn't love Happy Mail?

I do not have an idea yet for the theme, but I will sign up and hope an idea comes to me soon!

Thanks for organizing another great swap!

Far North:
Cindi so glad you can join the swap this time!  Oh Heidi I hardly ever have a plan when committing to a swap-an idea will come or give us a shout here if you need a couple thoughts.

Jan, this sounds like so much fun! I have been so busy lately that I haven't made a card in months. Please count me in!


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