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AIR16 Happy Mail Swap! Cards in mail Mon 6/20

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Far North:
 AIR16 Happy Mail Swap! Now open

After many events I end up with a card or a few that don’t match up with what I want to send family and friends in the near future. But I do love looking at the fine details on other stamper’s cards that I sometimes miss in a photo.  How about you…would you like to mail 1 of your AIR16 challenge cards as some happy mail to one of your AI pals?  Truly, Happy Mail from my AI pals is the BEST!

Challenge: You can select any card you have posted in an AIR16 challenge gallery to send your assigned AI recipient and please include a brief happy note either on the inside or an attached separate paper.

To play in this swap please post a note on this thread and plan to send your card to the person on the list above your name.  I will send my card to the last person signing the list so everyone will receive a card.

Timeline details:
1.  Swap closing deadline-Sign onto this swap with a note on the discussion thread no later than midnight your time on Fri. June 17.

2.  Write a pm to your recipient if you need their mailing address.

3.  All cards must be in the mail no later than Monday, June 20 midnight your time.  Please post a note on this thread when your card is in the mail.

When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread with a link to that card in the gallery.

Please post on this thread any questions/comments.

Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1.  Jan sends to Yankee
2.  Kathy sends to Jan
3.  Heidi sends to Kathy
4.  Cindi sends to Heidi
5.  April sends to Cindi
6.  Yankee sends to April

I would like to play this! It will assure that I will get at least one card done, LOL!

I would love to join this too!  In the fests, I often step out of my normal crafting zone, so who knows what I will end up sending!

Yes!  I'm in.  I almost missed this!  Is there somewhere in the AIR16 threads you can mention this in case there are others?

Me too!


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