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Far North:
I hope Artsy Inkers have time to play in 1 more Happy Mail card swap before school schedules alter everyone’s summer routine. 

Swap--I am happy to share Yana Smakula’s video for stamping a simple and fast card.  Please use the background method as inspiration for this challenge and change up at least one element of Yana’s final card to make it your own.  As always you can adapt the challenge as desired. In this case you may want to change the stamp theme to leaves or seashells or something else.  The inks & colors are totally your choice.  Here is the link to Yana Smakula's blog that freatures this technique:

To play in this swap please leave a comment on this thread and I will sign you in on the list below.  I will send my card to the last person signing the list so everyone will receive a card.

Timeline details:
1.  Sign-up with a note on this thread before Tuesday, August 9 at midnight your time. 
2.  Make your card.
3. Take a photo of your card before mailing.
3.  All cards must be in the mail no later than Tuesday, August, 23 midnight your time.  Please post a note here when your card is in the mail.
4.  When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread.
5.  After your card recipient has posted a note here saying your card was received please post your photo in the gallery with description.  When making your gallery post please remember to find the “Swap Album” and click on the “Happy Mail Swap”.

Please post on this thread a note of your progress as well as any questions/comments.
Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1.  Jan sends to last player
2.  April sends to Jan
3.  Heidi sends to April
4.  Cindi sends to Heidi
5.  Kathy sends to Cindi
6.  Sheila sends to Kathy
7.  Jan sends to Sheila

Please sign me up! Thanks for the video. A great background! :smile:


Far North:
So glad you will be giving the technique a whirl April!

In my first run through of my stamps I didn't find any larger flowers with this type of image.  So I tried a couple 2" stamps.  They worked fine but the smaller images required me to use 6 different colors resulting in a very colorful background.  I am going to look for some other combos.
As always the stamping is quick...but the experiments take some time. Hope you have fun!

I am going to take a chance and sign up before I watch the video.  Thanks for organizing!

Far North:
Thanks Heidi for joining in the fun of trying a new technique!


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