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Far North:
Welcome to another Happy Mail Card Swap as we move into our fall routines #>

Any day that includes a handmade card in my mailbox becomes extra special for me and I hope it is the same for you.  So this swap is an opportunity to make a card and send it to another assigned player.

Challenge for this card the challenge is to make a background with depth and/or dimension by using ink or any other liquid to create ink drops, splatters etc.

Timeline details:
1.  Sign-up to participate by adding a note on this thread before at midnight your time on Monday, Sept 12.  I will sign you onto the list below.  You will be assigned to send to the person who signed on before you.  My card will be sent to the last person signing the list so
everyone will receive a card.
2.  Please post on this thread a note of your progress as well as any questions/comments.
3. Make your card.
4. Take a photo of your card before mailing.
5.  All cards must be in the mail no later than Wednesday Sept. 28 midnight your time.  Please post a note on this thread when your card is in the mail.
6.  When you receive your Happy Mail card please post a note on this discussion thread.
7.  After your card recipient has posted a note here saying your card was received please post your photo in the gallery with description.  When making your gallery post please remember to find the “Swap Album” and click on the “Happy Mail Swap”.
8.  And of course please share your comments in the gallery.

Thanks for considering this swap! …Jan

Sign-up for Happy Mail
1.  Jan sends to last player
2.  April sends to Jan
3.  Cindi sends to April
4.  Heidi sends to Cindi
5.  LeighAnn sends to Heidi
6.  Sheila sends to LeighAnn
7.  Jan sends to Sheila

Count me in, Jan!

April :smile:

Far North:
April, so happy you want to play!

Me too!

I will sign up too.


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