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Happy Mail Card for Yankee

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Far North:
Sheila, so glad you liked my was lots of fun to make!

A photo in the gallery can be found here..

Jan did you photo the back, so the others can see the cool webbing?

Far North:
Good thought Yankee...I didn't photo but I have other pieces since I spray full 8 1/2 x11 sheets.  In fact I spray several pieces at a time since I can't spray during the winter.  I will scan and post a photo...thanks for the suggestion.

I really like the webbing, but because your focal was large, I almost missed it.
But I could feel it on the back and turned it over and saw the cool webbing.
My daughter got some last year to put on one of her projects and let me try it.  I made a terrible mess of it.
I guess there is a learning curve.

Far North:
Yup, I knew not much of the mat was showing on the card but to me it looked better than solid colored mats.  I did add a few more details in the gallery about the way I spray the paint...perhaps you will try again.


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