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As some of u know I 'lost' all my stamps inks & tools. Thanks to pals like Yankee & Stampwilly I have some great things to play with.
This topic is for all of us who want to make best use of our stamps--no matter how many we have. I'll share what I can & everyone is welcome to chime in. #>

I have a lot of stamps now. I was gifted some large amounts from people downsizing (Jan and others) and now that I have been on a design team for a year I have accumulated a lot from that too.  Sometimes, I miss having smaller amounts.

BUT!  I do try to look through ALL my stamps at least every other month to have a visual reminder of what I have.  If I have an idea for a stamp, I write it down (who knows how fast that idea could get lost!!!). 

Jan had recently brought up mood boards, and that reminded me about doing them at Two Peas.  Your looked at the mood board, got out all your stuff that worked with it, and then drew only from that pile to make your card.  That was a good limiting challenge that always worked out great for me.

Thanks for the topic, Daniel!

OK. Here's my first example of using stamps so they aren't quite so recognizable.
I made an inner & outer mask to define the arch.
The pic ain't great, but you'll get the idea--i hope.

Thanks for the input Heidi. O0

Here's an example of using a shape mask--inner & outer--with stamps. All 3 stamps are from the same set.


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