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Torn paper--the 'wet' method


Many of you may already know how to use moisture to 'control' the line of your paper tearing. If You don't know this method, you'll be amazed how intricately you can tear shapes. And the deckle-edge it produces is neat.
Start by lightly drawing the shape you want to tear.
Wet a cotton swab with water & follow the pencil line.
Wait until you're sure the water has penetrated through the paper. Cardstock generally requires more wait time & you may even want to wet both faces of the CS.

Now just tear along the wet line .

Want to paper tear a stamped piece rather than fc-ing it?
Fine. But you may want to stamp with waterproof ink to avoid possible bleeding.

As with dry tearing, how you tear produces different edges. Pull straight out along the wet line or tear toward & away from you for another edge.

This method is neat for making openings with no cutting.

I believe I knew this but it had completed slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder! 

I've used the wet method to tear watercolor paper and get a nice deckle edge ... can't remember tearing a shape.  It worked great on your fuzzy bears!


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