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Stamping & Pattern Paper: an exploration


One step along the path so far has been to work with a PP that is striped with multiple patterns & has somewhat subdued colors.
For the stamp I used one Jan rak'd me--a moth with minimal details.
Things I'm finding...
Ink colors aside, how transparent the ink is is important--if I want the patterns to show. If the link's too solid, i use the generations techniques to achieve greater transparency.

I also find that--regardless of pattern type--how i orient my stamp on the pattern greatly effects the end result.
1st pic is of the PP.
2nd is the moths in various directions on the patterns.

Ink used is pigment in a verdegris color. Some images are 1st generation & some are 2nd.

Here's some additional examples.
The first shows how the placement of the stamping changes the look.
On this pattern both fish bodies look a bit like scales. But just moving the placing changes things.

The second pic. Used the oxide ink from Heidi. Top moth obscures the pattern. Bottom moth is second generation & allows more pattern to show.

Thanks for the tutorial! This is something to think about when using pp. I lo v e how the fish had 2 different looks on the same pp just because of the placement of them!

April :smile:

The paper works so well with the fish!

Great ideas for using a boldly patterned paper.  Sometimes they are hard to use. 


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