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Here is the BINGO list! I love hearing the names of different craft products like Picked Raspberry, Faded Jeans, etc. in the Distress inks. I looked through my dies and pulled some names from them to make up this BINGO list. Please chose 10 from this list and PM me with your list by FRIDAY. Starting on Saturday and each day forward, I will put up 3 from this list on this post. If you have any of these listed, mark them off your list and the first person to mark off all their items from their list needs to type BINGO! I will check to see who typed BINGO first and you will be the winner. I will also have a BINGO TWIST Tuesday or Wednesday and anyone can participate in the TWIST, even if you do not play the BINGO game. I will be giving an RAK for both BINGO and the TWIST.

April :smile:

1.   vine wreath
2.   decorative fancy diamond
3.   garden bench
4.   bonney stem
5.   swirling cutwork
6.   grand madison
7.   vintage flourish pattern
8.   precious marieke
9.   daisies and doves
10. delightful peony
11. cosmo border
12. butterfly magic
13. botanical bliss
14. benson border
15. mop flower
16. filigree frames
17. mystic fern
18. cascading stars
19. madera corner
20. swag and tails
21. vignette floral branch
22. florina corner
23. raindrops on roses
24. magical butterfly
25. bubble daisy border

I sent my words!

I hope it's not too late!  I'm about to pick my words.  I'll send them in a few minutes.

I think I have everyone's words! Ready to go!

April :smile:

Are you ready? Here we go with the first 3 words! Who has any of these?

5.   swirling cutwork
9.   daisies and doves
22. florina corner

April :smile:


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