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Ink21 - Storybook. ***** winner announced *****

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I loved the coloring technique and cards shared by Daniel West during a stamp event that Daria suggested a month or so ago.  I wasn't familiar with Daniel West before his class.

My challenge has 3 parts to create a one layer card.  If you would like to do it on a separate panel and then mount it on a card base either directly or on foam, that's fine too so one layer in addition to the card base itself is fine.  I liked his layout in addition to his coloring.  Which involved masking the image and masking a border around the edge of the card.  It is so satisfying to remove a mask and see a clean white border around the edge of the card!  His background was ink blended. 

Your one layer card should contain :

1. A masked image and a masked border.  (no masking film required, in the video, the mask was made from copy paper, use what you want)
2. An ink blended background
3. Color your image(s) using the technique shared by Daniel which he calls "storybook" coloring or I've heard it called "illustrative" coloring and Daniel also calls it "splotchily" colored!  Daniel West uses Copics.  I don't own any.   The only alcohol markers I have are Bic Markits, so that's what I used.  You can use any alcohol markers you have or even go for the same look with any type of marker.  If markers aren't an option, try it with watercolor?

Tips : 

One of the things I liked about Daniel West's cards was how the images go outside the framed area just a little bit.  So try to do that when you are laying out your card.  That means you need to mask your image first, then mask a frame, that will cover part of your image mask.  A frame mask over an image mask.  Just ask if you have questions.

You don't need to do a lot of coloring if you don't want to.  Think snowman or even some mostly white or light critters.  Some of my sample cards have barely any coloring.  I just want you do give splotchy coloring a try.

Here are some videos :

Here is a short video where you can watch Daniel "splotchily" color.  He did this video for on World Cardmaking Day. This card does not meet the challenge because there is no masking or ink blended background.  It's just a quick example of the storybook style of coloring.

This very lengthy video that was a FB live shows the masking technique.  The masking starts at around 16 minutes if you want to skip the chit chat.  He also colors if you want to keep watching, or you can speed through.  I think he does another card later.  Hopefully this link takes you to minute 47 where he is finishing up the card, I think that might be worthwhile to keep watching for a few minutes.  He adds texture to a snowman and snow.  Don't forget you can click on "settings" on the youtube frame to speed up the playback  ;)

Here are my sample attempts :

I think this was the first one I tried, during Daria's Christmas in July challenge.

I made this one for Jan.  See, not a lot of coloring.

And this was the card I made for my husband's retirement.

Don't forget to :
Upload to the Inktoberfest21 album in the gallery
Use Ink21 -  Storybook in the name and key word
Add a link here and tell me what you think of this layout and technique!

I hope you'll give it a try!
Oh, yes, and there will be a RAK for a random participant that meets the challenge!

I think this will be a hard challenge for me but I do love the final looks you got!  Both of us include ink blending in our challenge!

Thank you for hosting.

I have never cared to much for masking, but I like the looks of it, need to watch the video's to give me an idea :)

Canadian, eh:
A very pretty finished card.  I like how the image peaks out along the edges.  Now let me think....

Connie, just look for something simple to mask to keep the fussy cutting not so fussy!  The retirement card I made was super simple!  The basket of flowers in the bunny card ... not so simple.

If you want to use a stencil to mask the edges of your frame, you can do that too.  Daniel used a plastic rectangular stencil with a torn edge look on one of his cards.  Or use a deckle edge die to create a mask?  Tear the edges of washi tape or copy paper ... lots of ways to make the frame.

Haha Heidi!  Yes, ink blending is pretty popular right now.  Now we have two card layouts to practice our ink blending! 


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