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Canadian, eh:
Yikes, I said Holly instead of Heidi.  So sorry Heidi.  There's a Holly on the TJ team and I try to be careful not to mix the two of you up. 

Cindi, I'm so happy you are joining in on the challenge.  I'm working on your masking challenge, and I'm quite loving it, but boy it is a workout.

I had my stamping friends over today, now I am reay to get started here tomorrow! Beth, this is such a cute card.

April :smile:

Phew, I finished!  I think I might actually make more because I really liked it once it was done. 

As I said in my gallery post, this was a great way to use patterned paper.  A great format for longer stamped images too.  I have another one I might try.  Thank you so much for figuring out the cut sizes for a mini slimline.  This is my first mini slimline and I really like it!

Let Heaven and Nature Sing

Thanks Beth!

I'd like to ask ... when making your own envelopes, what paper do you use?  I was afraid my copy paper was too thin and I was afraid card stock would make this too heavy, especially with all of the layers.  I used patterned paper with the pattern on the inside of the envelope.

Yankee, you said you made your envelope too.  How did you make yours? 

I tried measurements for an A6 on the back of my Martha Stewart score board but it was too high, though perfect width wise.


I started posting this card and got company.  So I am starting over here.
I cut the papers like you said, Beth.  But I couldn’t figure it out, so I went to U tube and found several on putting the card together.  Which was my problem, so then I could finish my card.
I used stamps from Sizzix and Tim Holtz.  Colored images with distress markers, cause the paper had an aged look.
I made the envelope.  Same way I always do, just wrap the paper around different ways till it makes sense to me, trim, glue with white glue.  I used copy paper and I lined it with more copy paper for strength.

Thanks for sharing Yankee.  I know there are videos out there somewhere for making an envelope for any size card, by wrapping and folding.  I have a cut file now that fits, a little snug, but it just fits on an 8.5 x 11 paper.  The flap is on the short end.  Your birthday card turned out cute nice.


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