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Far North:
What inks work on fabrics?…(originally ask by Melissa on the daily chatter thread)

Several new inks have been added to the market in the past 2 years that state they will work on fabric and other mixed media projects.  Inks that I can think of include:
Colorbox-Clearsnap Crafter’s Ink
Tsukinko- Fabrico ink-Memento Luxe Ink,  VersaCraft Ink, All-purpose ink and Stazon
Ranger-Color Wash Spray

Ranger provides this list of “Tips for successfully painting on fabric” on their site.

Fabrico inkpads and markers were one of the first inks for fabrics.  In larger craft stores it is located with the premade blank items designed for decorating-such as t-shirts, tote-bags, ball caps, apron etc. There one will find a vast number of products for decorating fabrics.

I hope others share their knowledge about stamping on fabric.

Thank you Jan for this thread!!   :smile:  I think I have a few of these inks!!!  I am so excited!!  I hadn't done any research so this helps a bunch!!

I have some paints that are for wood block stamping and some for screening onto t-shirts that I am afraid to use with my rubber and clear stamps….thoguh I guess it's be ok as long as I clean them off right away with soap and water.   Thus, I was really hoping that some of our ink pads would stamp and then STAY on the fabric after washing.  I can't wait to read the links you posted!

Ditto-ing Melissa's TY, Jan.

That said, Im not a lover of fabric inks for fabric work. The exception is solvent ink (i.e. StazOn). Those seem to survive laundering, but worth noting that the fabric type is important. Natural fibres--cotton, wool, linen, silk--often capture pigments  better--inks & paints alike. :smile:

Far North:
Daniel, I was surprised to read on the Ranger tips that 100% cotton does not hold the color as long as 50/50 cotton with synthetic fibers. I totally thought it would be opposite.

My choice of not use Stazon is totally due to the odor...I just don't want that hanging in my house long term all winter long.  Speaking of weather it is only in the low 50's today.  It has been very rainy and chilly summer so far. 

Thanks for the added thoughts!

I have read on a few sites today and many say to heat set with an iron AFTER the ink has dried a day or two.

I thought the heat embossed tip on fabric on the ranger site was pretty cool!! It sounded like a type of resist technique to me, but still neat!


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