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Oooo, I love sniffin me some Staz-on!  :crazy2:

Found this website and she tested the ink pads she had (which most we all have) and ran it through a warm wash/cold rinse after heat setting:

Good topic, Jan!  Good for Ranger in providing tips about its inks & what fabrics work 'best'. When in doubt; try it their way, eh? :smile:

Heat setting? See above. When I taught fabric painting/stamping with craft paints, I would share my experience with students. Sometimes I heat set & sometimes I don't.

Another important factor is laundering stamped fabrics. I always recommended gentle detergent & cool water. If the item could be turned inside out (tee/sweat shirts), I do. If using a dryer, keep the temp lower than 'inferno'. Heat often breaks down inks & paints.

Melissa. That is a super cool link! Huge TY, pal!

I mentioned this in the chat thread, but I wanted to mention here that the Inktense pencils will work on fabric.  You can doodle, color in images or grate the pencil (or grade the blocks) and get a cool background effect.  Some tutorials are available on Derwent's website.


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