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Glue Stick Resist with Stencils


I tried this technique -- Glue Stick Resist with stencils and it sure looked easy in the video, but not so much!!! :-\

You are to take glue stick and rub it over the stencils while holding it, then use glossy card stock, lay the stencil over it and swipe the glue with a paper towel, from the stencil into the holes of the stencil and the glue goes onto the card stock. Let this dry. I heat set mine a little. When dry, spray ink, 2-3 colors over the card stock and let dry. Use a baby wipe to wipe ink off glue areas. I had some problems --

1. I tried several glues and the Rose Art glue worked better. The lady used Tim Holtz glue stick and that is probably best.
2. Matte card stock does not work. I used glossy and it worked better, but she used Tim Holtz paper that might be best too! LOL!
3. When I wiped off the ink, a lot of times it did not wipe off well. The lady used all Dylusions inks where I used other kinds as well as theirs.

Anyway, I had 2 to turn out pretty well from the 5-6 I started with. :-\

You can see my samples here. The first picture is right after I sprayed them and was letting them dry. The second is of the 2 that turned out pretty well after I wiped off the ink.


Using glossy card stock!  Do you think using glossy card stock makes this technique any easier than doing on regular CS?

I remember when you had this as one of the challenges on 2peas at one of our festivals and I had the hardest time getting it to work on my CS.   Last week I actually ran across some of the butterflies I kept that did work with the technique!  When I saw the butterflies, I remember thinking, "oh that was a hard technique.."  ;D 

I'll have to try this on photo paper and see what it does! 


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