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Hi Everyone,

I just love how these turned out. I call this technique "washout" because you use bleach to wash out the color.

First I sprayed the matte card stock with a brighter color of spray ( I have several different brands, so brands don't matter on this technique ) and then sprayed a dark ink around 2 edges.

I stamped my images using Staz On Jet Black ink, you need a permanent black ink.

I then put bleach in my water pen and bleached out the images. You can go back in and "paint" over the images with ink if you want, but I liked mine the way they were. Click the link below to see the results!


Your images look great April! 

I have heard of using bleach with inks, but have been "scared" to try this bc of using bleach. I never thought of putting it a water pen before! 

Do you dilute the bleach any?

Melissa, I do not dilute the bleach. I was also using a lavender scented bleach that does not smell as bad. Using the water pen also helps keep dpwn the smell. :-\


Far North:
Great results April!

Melissa if you don't want to use bleach you may want to see what you can do with plain water. As long as the sprays are water reactive lightly brush on the water where you want to remove the color and carefully blot off with a tissue when you see some color in the water.  Just don't scrub the area with your brush or the paper will peel.  This is a basic technique for correcting water colored areas where you don't want color.

Also know that Clorox makes a gel bleach pen. The odor is far more manageable.

I tried the water with this, but it was not working very well, BUT I did not blot it with a tissue, so that might have been my problem. :-\



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