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Here is an easy and fun technique that I played with over the weekend.

Stamp solid images randomly on watercolor paper using dye based inks. I used Distress inks.
Spritz with water and let the colors bleed. Depending on how much you spritz determines how much the images bleed.
Let dry.


Here is the link to the pictures --

Great idea to make a whole background using this technique!  As I said in the gallery, I have used this before, but not for a whole background.

Did you let yours air dry or use a heat gun?

I blotted a little with a paper towel and let them air dry. You can also heat them if you want.


Thank you.  I was using this technique today.  I did notice how sometimes, colors were blending and getting muddy, just a bit.  I decided to use my heat gun, but I think that blotting those areas off may work better and get a more watercolory look.  I will try it. 

You can see one of my backgrounds in this card I did for KIAE.

Also, here is a background I did not use yet. (attached)

I want to try this more to see if I can get a background that will work for a Christmas card.  I think spring and autumn is easier, but I at least want to try.

Thanks for posting this technique.  I am enjoying it.


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