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I used my 6 x 6 gelli plate the other night and made some backgrounds.  One of them I actually made a card with and the others are in my pile of stuff to use.  It was pretty fun.  I just put drops of acrylic paint down on the jelly plate and used a hard brayer to smooth it out, I didn't smooth too much because I wanted the layer look.  I used some plastic stencils and some soft plastic tools to make patterns and then put the paper down on top and brushed over it with my hands until the paint transfered. 

Here is the result!


The black tag I copied from Tim Holtz I used the gelli plate and put down the black acrylic paint and then stamped on the gelli plate to take away the color.  If you look close you can see that oak is backwards because of the way I stamped it and then pulled a print from the gelli plate....LOL

I have a scrapbook page started that all the parts except for the big gear background and the Remember card are done with a gelli plate.  There are 3 different gelli plate background pages that I used in the elements so far.  The big 8 x 10 part is a complete page of gelli print.  The leaf and the circle directly behind it are from another page.  The two orange circles are from the same page as the gifts on the nontraditional wedding card I posted today in the gallery.

NonTraditional Wedding Card.

Anyone else doing gelli plate printing?

These are great Sadie!!

No I haven't done gelli plate printing---I actually do not know what gelli plates are…  :-\   

I looked on the internet and found some recipes?

Thus I am assuming you make them??  and then can you use stamp ink or need heavier paint instead??

I really like your results!!!   O0

Interesting! I, too, am wondering what a Gelli Plate is.


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