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Comparison of various Ranger color products on white paper


Far North:
Anna-Karin posted a wonderful tutorial comparing the use of various products on Ranger's specialist papers. Here is the link.

One of the papers Anna-Karin includes her review is glossy paper.  It brings to mind a 2 Pea discussion thread where a some stampers cleary stated they didn't like glossy paper.  Since that time I have wondered what is that you don't like?  I recognize that glossy cards are not as stylish in commercial cards as it once was.  But I love the clear crisp look glossy paper can give to stamping and alcohol ink techniques.  Any thoughts? 


Thank you for this link, Jan.


TFS Jan!

I too really like the crisp edge that photo paper gives.  I do know that I have to be careful not to let my stamp slide when stamping on it and then to let the ink dry a few extra seconds so doesn't smear before going forward with the project. 

My other comment is when I stamp onto photo paper (or glossy CS---I have it happen with both), I am not sure how long to leave the stamp there for the ink to "absorb" into the glossy paper.  So usually I will just stamp it like I usually do when using regular CS, and when I do so, I notice that the stamp will get stuck to the paper (kinda like a suction cup effect) and when I peel it off, there is ink puddling in places of the image for a brief moment before it all dries. 

I figured it did this because you are pressing two nonabsorbent materials together that have a liquid in-between them---so the liquid had no where to really go of course.  Seems like if I press down less or for less time, it is less likely to happen, but not always.  So for me that is my main "complaint"---though I don't count it as one b/c when I color the glossy CS/photograph paper the "puddles" become unnoticable for the most part. 

I would suggest bristol paper for those who really do not like glossy CS.  I stamped a scene on bristol paper that was the first master board I did for the master board challenge and it held the crispness pretty close to that of glossy CS/photopaper.  I haven't colored it yet, but I figure that will be different from glossy CS for sure. 

As far as coloring images on glassy CS, I like the way glossy CS absorbs the inks, but that can be a problem if you are wanting to lay more color in a area b/c it seems to only accept a couple of colors before any additional colors have no affect on the image.  My experience is with coloring scenes; if I use a marker, pretty much what I first color it is what it is going to stay.  But if I use a q-tip to color, I can lay down a few different colors to blend etc. 



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