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Far North:
In blogland I am seeing New Year’s cards popping up and posts about resolutions, goals and words for the year.   I believe this time of year is terrific for looking back over the past year's creative work and recognize the learnings and celebrate the accomplishments. In the next few days I am going to try to do just that.

I hope to post here a brief list of what I learned...and perhaps some photos of a few favorites.  Perhaps some find it intimidating to post here but I hope it will be easier if others join in.  No matter how long you have been stamping/papercrafting I bet you will find some great nuggets of learning in 2014.

If you have a different plan that’s fine too …just please share your thoughts here too.

How fun!  I think in the last year, and maybe especially the last couple months, I have come a long way in coloring stamped images. This was something that was not even fun for me before, and now I am having fun learning.  I definitely like the water based coloring best.

It would be nice to read what other accomplishments we have had with our Artsy Inkers crew!

I sure did.  I finally learned how to blend colored pencils.  I finally learned how to work with guesso, now I love it.
I learned how to take stencile paste up a notch with coloring and embossing.  It was a great learning year for me.

Yankee that is great about learning about the gesso and embossing paste.  Those are things I still need to work on!

Far North:
Thanks for sharing!  How exciting Heidi that you are now enjoying coloring images!  Since coloring has never been a strong suit of mine I wonder if you did anything specific to feel more comfortable.

Indeedy Yankee, it sounds like it was a wonderful year for you to learn/advance several creative skills! Sounds like you will be incorporating colored pencils, gesso and texture embossing with stencil into other pieces!

 Can’t wait to see what others learned in 2014!


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