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Celebrating 2015 and thoughts for 2016

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Far North:
No matter how much time you had for stamping in 2015 I bet you enjoyed some fun moments learning new skills and now is a great time to also think what kind of things you would like to do in 2016. Please post about your great times!

On this board you will also find a similar thread several of us posted on last year…it might be fun to see what our thoughts were a year ago.


I did find it interesting to read the post from last year. I am surprised that I felt I was making progress on coloring even a year ago.  I am enjoying it more and more through the year.  I also was happy to have made plenty of Christmas cards last year.  SO many that I did not even use them all this year and have about 10 leftover. 

I also did meet my goal of setting up my reading list for blogs in blogger.  I am happy with that system for now. 

I don't have many specific goals for crafting this year.  I do want to use new items from Christmas gifts and some stamps I just haven't gotten around to using yet. 

I do want to still offer one or two more design challenges. 

I do want to make more card sets to give as gifts. 

Other than that, I do also want to work on crochet a bit more, and finish a sewing project I have half done, but that is not stamping related.  So I guess I could say I want to have a balance between stamping (which is my main craft) and other crafting pursuits. 

Craft Nerd:
Crafty highlights from 2015 were definitely the fests here at AI.  I learned lots of new techniques.

And in 2015, I started playing with mixed media canvases.  Which is becoming a new obsession. 

The alcohol ink challenge, that Jan hosted at the beginning of the year was amazing.  I learned so much and had so much fun with it.

It is definitely nice to reflect on last years craftiness before starting a new year of craftiness.

Before I saw this thread, I did start one in General Stamping for posting goals for 2016.

The fests were really fun, even though I missed one!  Learning new techniques and getting better/more comfortable with some was a good highlight.

I made a ton of Christmas cards last year and really enjoyed the process. I made close to 130 for my Grandmother and one of  her friends to send out. Plus some for friends and family and some to take to the assisted living center here. I plan to keep it up this year and add more tags and ornaments to the mix.

I want to try some brush lettering at some point. I dabbled a little in it some last year and it was fun to practice.

That is an impressive number of cards, LeighAnn!

I am glad Craft Nerd mentioned the AI challenge.  I enjoyed that for the educational value, and also the watercolor class I took on Craftsy for the education about different water coloring techniques.  Although the teacher there did not share my style, I still learned a lot and think back to it often.  I would like to do another class this year, but not sure what yet. 

The fests here are also a wonderful thing to think back to an anticipate! I have already started planning my challenge for Winterfest.


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