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I thought I'd share some of the videos I used as inspiration for my ART4U alcohol paintings.  I could watch these videos all day!  I need more practice, that's for sure.  I'd also like to do more of the ink dripping and doodling.

Sharen AK Harris at Creativation 2018, for Ranger.

Alcohol inks and doodles on yupo.

Stamping with Alcohol inks

Joggles has other AI videos.  I searched youtube on "Joggles alcohol ink"

Please share if you try these techniques!  The painting was not as hard as it looks, you really can get the ink to thicken just by putting it on a palette and stirring it around for a minute.  My problem is I am not a painter (well, one of my problems).

Also, what do you think about stamping with AI?  Joggles said she cleaned her stamp with rubbing alcohol.  That made me a little nervous.  It seems it would dry out your rubber ... but then it's not something I would do over and over again.  I did clean mine with rubbing alcohol but made sure to wipe it again afterward with a damp chamois.

I did catch one of those videos while watching creativation or however they spelled it.
I put it in my going to try it folder but hadnít got to it.  She made it look easy, but she has a art degree.  You did a wonderful job.  I must try it!

Yes!  Try it!  Jan reminded us that yupo paper can be wiped almost clean with rubbing alcohol.  Iíd forgottten.  Now Iíll save a few practice sheets and I wonít feel like Iím wasting paper when Iím just playing with ink.

I havenít gotten my hands on any yupo paper yet, but it is something I would like to try with the alcohol inks.  Thanks for sharing the resources.


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