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Stampendous Watercolor Videos 2020


Just in case you didnít know, Fran from Stampendous is doing a Watercoloring series this year. 

The first video was today, and it was really full of information.  It is about an hour long.

She is using Daniel Smith watercolors, Canson watercolor paper and specific tools she is selling at her website, along with stamp sets that are specifically made for this series and cards.

A new video should be released each Friday.  More stamps will be released throughout the year, I think.

I think it looks like a really good resource.

I am currently sitting here with the Daniel Smith watercolors in my Amazon cart.  They are only $25 there today! I think that is a good deal.  I am trying to decide if I should totally join the bandwagon.  I may see about getting one of the stamp sets. I am thinking a lot of the little purple onion scene stamps might work well with these types of backgrounds. 

Anyone else tempted?

DH said that the paints would make a good Valentine gift so I went ahead and ordered them. I didnít buy any of the stamps so far, will first see about working with the paints and then see if I can work with some of the stamp sets I have.

Thanks, Heidi.  I just watched the first seven Countdown episodes, and I'll go back for more later.  The only contact I've had with Daniel Smith watercolors is the Hero Arts Palette card with the tiny dots of color on them.  I was very impressed with that.  I have tons of Peerless watercolors and the Gansai Tambi set.  So many colors.  I think it might be a good learning experience to use just the six primary colors.  I really like Fran Seiford's style; I've watched some of her videos in the past and always enjoyed them.

Thanks for the head's up.


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