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Christmas All Year - May 2021

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Happy May Day and National Scrapbook Day!  (tomorrow, May 1st)

I hope everyone gets a moment to scrapbook something or make a card or just play with your stuff!  Hey, why not work on Christmas cards?
Wouldn't you love to run around a May pole?

This months challenge is a coloring medium challenge.

Color an image using watercolors - actual watercolor paint, water-based markers, water color pencils or inktense and tell us which medium you used in the gallery post (in Christmas All Year 2021 album of course).

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the prompt! I have not watercolored for awhile, so this will be fun. It would be fun to run around a May Pole! ;D


Oh man I didn't have time to finish last months, and I have March's half done. 
hmmm now what would look good watercolored :)

I got right onto making my Christmas cards! I do not watercolor images well, so most of my cards have watercolor wash backgrounds.

April :smile:

Nice job, April!  Thanks for using watercolors.  Who says you're not good at watercoloring images?  The poinsettia turned out beautifully.  You made some really nice backgrounds too.  Thanks for playing!


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