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Christmas All Year - August 2021

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July was a great month for Christmas card making, wasn't it?! 

I hope you have some mojo left.  If not, maybe one of these prompts will spark your interest?

Option 1 : Use a stencil, any way you want.

Option 2 : Use this color scheme - red, white and black.

I really admired this card kit from PhotoPlay.  I didn't buy it, but was so tempted! 

Let's see if we can keep the Christmas cards flowing.  We all know we'll be glad come November/December. 
As always, please add to the Christmas Cards All Year 2021 album in the gallery and link here.

Happy Christmas crafting!

ETA : I just took another look at that kit.  Check out the photo, just for the card layouts.  Some good ones there.

thanks for the prompt I think I have some papers that will work :)

Thanks for hosting. I should do some cards while my Christmas bins are still out. I did buy a new Christmas stencil also.

Sounds great!

April :smile:

Here are 2 cards for this month!

April :smile:


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